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12:16 31/05/2016
I'm so glad I found my soioltun online.
04:03 30/05/2016
Your post has moved the debate forwdra. Thanks for sharing!
13:43 29/05/2016
Ah yes, nicely put, evyeorne.
12:30 29/05/2016
They have driven me out today from dwelling in the heritage of G-d, saying, &#8216;Go serve other gods.&#8217; [Shmuel I 26:19] Similarly, [E#3ziel&ke9;s (13:9) prophecies of] retribution state: They shall not come to the Land of Israel. Just as it is forbidden to leave the Land for the Diaspora, so it is forbidden to leave Bavel for other lands, as it is written: They shall be brought to Bavel and there they shall be [until I take notice of them . . . and restore them to this place, i.e. the Land of Israel]. [Jeremiah 27:22]